Use all available disk space

Even if you have a large SSD installed, you may only have (Ubuntu Server) 200GB of total available space depending on whether or not you have a LVM configured for your disk.

This can cause the system to run out of disk space when syncing.

The error message is similar to:

Fatal: Failed to register the Ethereum service: write /var/lib/goethereum/geth/chaindata/383234.ldb: no space left on device

To address this issue, assuming you have an SSD that is larger than 200GB, expand the space allocation for the LVM by following these steps:

sudo lvdisplay # Check your logical volume size

sudo lvm # Attach the lvm console
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv
lvextend -l +100%FREE -r /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv

sudo resize2fs /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv
df -h # Check results

Congratulations! You're now using all available disk space on your staking machine ๐Ÿฅณ

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